Our Story



Rachel and Andy met through their mutual love of politics in 2008.  Before they ever met in person, however, the universe was pushing them together in an unforeseen way.  It all started when Rachel was looking for a job.  She was firing off her resume to several political contacts and each one of them forwarded it directly to Andy.  He actually got her resume three times in just one day.  They ended up working down the hall from each other and instantly connected.  Rachel was always coming up questions to ask Andy about politics, and he always took twice as much time as was needed to explain things to her.

Regrettably, they were both dating other people at the time and settled for being friends.  They spent the next year getting to know each other, building up a solid friendship, exchanging flirtatious glances.  But they were both left wanting more. 

FINALLY, in the spring of 2009, Rachel and Andy were both single!  It didn't take long for them to get together.  What started out as a fling became serious by the end of summer.  They traveled to Belize together in August of 2009, and that is where they really fell in love.  Two dogs and one house later, Rachel and Andy now want to make their love official.